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3 Cards give patients access to either the leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant or other medicinal by-products. “Smoking is not always going to be the answer,” Clair said. “Patients with lung issues cannot smoke. This is where medicinal…
A bill to ban a local minimum wage increase likely wouldn’t have much effect in Williston, where the average wage for open jobs is nearly $30 per hour.
A report from an accident reconstruction and affidavits from witnesses all concluded that the woman who was driving when a man fell off the back of a pickup, hit his head and died wasn’t at fault.
BISMARCK — Sen. Dave Oehlke, R-Devils Lake, and his son, Jeb, couldn’t be in Bismarck without their dogs.
Three North Dakota military construction projects could lose funding, according to a list from the Department of Defense that mentions potentially diverting the funds to the construction of a southern border wall.
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When visiting a physician for the first time, patients may notice an extensive section on family history on one of the requisite forms they fill out before meeting the doctor. Though it can be hard to remember family members’ conditions,…
BISMARCK — North Dakota senators voted to repeal the state’s ban on Sunday morning shopping Tuesday, March 19, ending a longstanding debate that sharply divided lawmakers on issues of religion and free enterprise.
A 22-year-old woman who provided daycare services in her home is accused of injuring a 2-month-old child in November.
Did you know that they key to personal health may begin in the core of the body? Doctors and researchers are learning more and more about how the immune system and other functions of the body are tied to microscopic…
Mardi Gras may have come and gone, but you can still get a taste of Louisiana this weekend, while giving to a good cause in the process.
By Bill Vander Weele & Renée Jean
By Jamie Kelly
A 25-year-old man is facing an accusation that he hit a toddler so hard that he gave the boy a welt.
By Keith Norman
BISMARCK — Supporters of a bill that would allocate Legacy Fund earnings for the state’s research schools are asking the Senate Appropriations Committee to consider amending the bill to instead include it in the overall funding for the university system.
$2M Powerball prize sold in Minot
Two men are accused of assaulting police officers while being arrested in separate incidents over the weekend.
Williams County has announced that starting at 1 p.m. on Monday, March 18, all county and township chip seal and gravel roads will be restricted to 105,500 pounds because of the warmer weather.
The process to roll out North Dakota’s medical marijuana program out has been complicated to say the least, and one Williston medical treatment center wants to make sure that residents are informed when it comes to obtaining medicinal cannabis.


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