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There are few truly red maples in western North Dakota, and the issue with that is primarily due to the soil. Red is a color that requires iron to show up, and the soil here, being alkaline, tends to cause…
Editor’s note: A wide variety of businesses and organizations come together each year for agriculture, and a good many of them are represented each year in the MonDak Ag Days & Trade Show. We visited with a few of the…
All eyes have been on the Dakota Access pipeline protest, but, in the meantime, Energy Transfer Partners has been working on what is its other half — the Energy Transfer Crude Oil Pipeline Project, which will carry oil from the…
Williston High School art students are tackling their most ambitious projects yet — adding a flourish of color with wall murals.
City commissioners have selected JE Dunn to oversee the construction of the terminal building for Williston’s new airport.
As construction plans solidify for the New Public School District 8 middle school, the board voted in favor of seeking the purchase of 20 adjacent acres for future expansion projects.
Pulled from the brink of extinction, bald eagles have found security in North Dakota.
When oil production hit 1 million barrels a day in June of 2015, it was a milestone celebrated across the state. There was another boom that came with that, however, that was not, and that was the overall volume of…
Judge Benjamen Johnson’s list of people to thank was fairly standard on Monday during his swearing-in ceremony. The names included friends, family members and his wife and three children. But looking back on one person’s involvement with his transition from…
Teenagers referred to the Northwest Youth Assessment Center in 2016 increased in number but stayed fewer days on average than in previous years, according to the facility’s annual report released this week.
She has been a high-profile voice for the oil and gas sector in Montana, but this summer, she’ll get a chance to raise the bar on that.
New Public School District 8 voted unanimously to approve two annexations with a taxable valuation of $49,000 into Williston Public School District 1 on Monday.
An off-road motorcyclist died Sunday afternoon in Williston after being hit by a car at the entrance to the Upper Missouri Valley Fairgrounds.
Williston’s population has grown by 65 percent since 2010, and although there was a 3 percent drop between 2015 and 2016, birth rates and student enrollment will test the city’s capacity in coming years.
Given the opportunity to modernize their leadership structure, city leaders are looking to bring a human resources director on board by mid April and had received 15 applications by Friday.
The spill estimate for the Belle Fourche line that leaked into a small tributary of the Little Missouri last year has been revised upwards, as the company continues to investigate and uncover the causes of the Dec. 5 leak.
It’s not yet clear just how much Bakken crude the Keystone XL pipeline will carry now that the Dakota Access pipeline is almost complete, but the Congressional delegations from Montana and North Dakota, along with other business groups, have nevertheless…
For the second time, part of North Dakota is going Cajun in March.
Trial for one of the men accused in an attack on a woman nearly two years ago in Williams County came to a halt Thursday after a witness scheduled to testify was unable to appear because of an emergency.
The year 2017 promises to be a challenging one for many farmers and ranchers. As the growing season nears, area agricultural experts have offered a few things to know in 2017 to help overcome all the challenges.


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