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A man on trial for two counts of murder testified Wednesday that he shot two men in his apartment in May 2016 in self-defense when they tried to rob him.
Enrollment at Williston State is down from its record — but only slightly.
A request to build a new water depot in Blue Ridge Township became contentious, with one County Commissioner accusing another of unethical behavior.
The students already knew the basics of the lesson, but even so, there were a few surprises in store for them.
As Courtney Bratlien prepares for her solo, fellow singer Victoria Guetzkow offers her encouragement.
Most nights, Carter Ruffie doesn’t have any idea what his mom is planning for dinner.
The defense is scheduled to start its case Wednesday in the trial of a man on two murder charges.
Students at Williston State College can earn a new scholarship for academic achievement.
She’s only 36, but already her health has deteriorated to the point that she is bedridden. She can barely walk, and just two hours of activity means she’ll be so exhausted that she can’t move for the next two days.…
Tiffany Woodward, with G-style Transport, had a condition for the oilfield company before she would agree to take a job with them as their office manager.
Before the jury returned to the courtroom Monday morning, lawyers in the Lamar Putney murder trial clashed over whether evidence had been turned over properly.
An important program at Williston State College has expanded to online, and a student at Williston High School is one of the first to have gone through it.
While a super football game is about to kick off in Minneapolis, some super play is taking place on a basketball court somewhere in Russia.
The woman who was dating a man accused of murder in a May 2016 double shooting changed her story from what she’d told police, but during cross examination, the defense raised questions about things she’d said.
A family escaped a sudden fire on 20th Avenue West, but with no shoes on the children's feet.
Firefighters responded to an early-morning fire on Second Street East Friday morning at an engine repair shop. The fire was reported shortly before 7:45 a.m.
Whose got the best chili in the oilfield? Last year, it was Calfrac, but this year?
Another Republican challenger has stepped into North Dakota’s high-profile Senate race, and this time it is a party insider, well-known in Republican circles.
North Dakota lies along two proposed super corridors. One would run from Canada to Texas, and is called the Theodore Roosevelt Expressway. The other runs between Chicago and ports on the west coast — a strong jumping off point for…
Two Williston detectives testified Thursday about the 20 or so guns they found in an apartment where two men were shot and killed in May 2016, as well as other evidence found in the apartment.


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