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The bowls were empty, but they won’t be for long.
Vacancy rates went up quite a bit during the downturn, stoking fears that the multifamily sector had overbuilt for the long-term need in the Williston region.
Two hundred job seekers crowded into Raymond Family Center’s lobby for the opening bell of the fall edition of Williston Job ServicesND’s job fair. Within a mere hour, another 200 had showed up to make the rounds of 70-some odd…
Fans of classic country music and an intimate acoustic atmosphere are in for a treat this weekend in Williston.
Minot State University’s highest honor is being bestowed on four individuals, including Williston Mayor Howard Klug.
A 34-year-old Williston man pleaded guilty Wednesday to charges stemming from a fatal drug overdose in June 2017.
Every year Farmers Union organizes a fly-in to the nation’s Capitol, to give farmers and ranchers a chance to meet with their legislators and draw attention to the issues that matter most to them.
In the era of modern machines and automation, creating with your own hands is a skill not many possess. This weekend, people will have the opportunity to learn a skill straight out of the Old West.
On average, 123 people take their own lives every day.
School is well underway throughout Williams County and enrollment in the county’s two largest districts are up from last year.
It’s a system that almost sounds too good to be true. Reduce winter feeding labor while getting manure spread around on the field for free.
North Dakota has missed its gas capture targets two months in a row, and is quite likely to exceed them again for July.
With summer activities winding down, a popular attraction is opening up to give residents some fall-inspired fun.
The short answer for most is “YES!”
A 30-year-old man convicted of gross sexual imposition in 2010 and accused of multiple probation violations was ordered held Monday without bond.
A 27-year-old woman was charged with two felonies after a passenger in her pickup truck was killed over the weekend.
A judge sentenced a 56-year-old man Monday to eight years in prison for sexually assaulting two people in December 2016, and said if not for a plea deal, the man would likely be serving a much longer prison term.
In a normal year, most farmers send soybeans to the elevator, and store their corn and wheat to sell at a later point, when the prices generally have a chance to do a little bit of seasonal rising. This, however,…
EERC one of two agencies nationwide chosen to receive DOE award
ROOSEVELT COUNTY, Mont.— The big sign that greets visitors to the Pat and Mike Wilson ranch says it all.


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