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A moose calf took shelter from Thursday’s mid-afternoon rain under some trees near Rickard School, prompting school officials to require students who were planning on walking home leave for the day with adult supervision.
The Williston City Commission unanimously adopted plans at a meeting Thursday night that would help guide growth for decades to come.
Energy Transfer Partners would be “substantially harmed” by further delays in finishing its Dakota Access pipeline, a D.C. District Court Judge has said in denying a request by members of the Standing Rock and Cheyenne River Sioux tribes to reinstate…
Williston has worked hard to put in place a number of elements that are key to making the most of the opportunities the oil and gas industry brings, while minimizing its considerable dangers. One of those puzzle pieces — and…
Williston’s Sport and Recreation Show is returning for a 32nd year this weekend at the Raymond Community Center, where organizers say attendees of all ages will find plenty to explore.
When people think of North Dakota, they think of Norway before Ireland, but on St. Patrick’s Day, everybody’s Irish.
Dandelions have a stealthy start, as a low to the ground circle of leaves called a rosette. It becomes more readily apparent quickly, however, when it sends up a single stem with a bright yellow flower on it. That single…
A new date in court has not yet been set for the Glendive Intake Diversion Dam, but the parties are trying to settle on one, and it is likely to be soon, as a critical deadline for the project is…
Williston Public School District 1 is trying to decide if it can afford to keep operating its After School Summer program, something that as many as 350 students and their families relied on last year.
Prosecutors plan to oppose a request to delay the trial of a man accused of a May double slaying, implying that there could be danger to witnesses.
McKenzie County Sheriff Gary Schwartzenberger’s request to dismiss a criminal allegation against him was denied this week, but a judge has ordered prosecutors to share materials relating to their case with Schwartzenberger and his attorney.
North Dakota is not the only state that has seen dramatic effects from the decline of oil and gas revenues.
From humble beginnings, the music program at Williston Public School District 1 has seen rapid growth in student participation, and upcoming events will highlight their musical progress.
North Dakota’s steady Eddy in the energy sector rarely gets a mention — but it is one of the state’s top five industries. Lignite is the industry, and it faces an uncertain date with destiny, despite presidential promises to save…
A man who a Williams County judge ruled last year should remain in a treatment program for sex offenders is protesting his civil commitment to the North Dakota Supreme Court.
David Mieure donned Coyote colors on Friday as he entered his new role as Williston Public School District 1 activities director.
The governor’s announcement this week that updated state revenue projections are millions short of estimates made earlier this year did little to erode confidence in promised money for Williston’s new airport, although it has raised questions on when and how…
For Williston, tax incentives for businesses within the Renaissance Zone have encouraged $34 million in downtown investment projects, but redevelopment progress may cease under legislation being considered in the state Senate.
After seven years in Williston, hospital president Matt Grimshaw has announced that he will be taking on additional duties as regional head of a number of related medical facilities across the state.


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